About us

In 1999 MGold began its work in the area of design and manufacturing of semi-jewels, combining creativity and technology. MGold is always looking for new ways to improve its products and services. We have come a long way developing as a structured company growing within the market.

We hold a strong position in the domestic and international markets of semi-jewels providing quality assurance, modern design and technology in both the production process and materials used.

MGold has an operating plant in Limeira-SP and representative offices where guests can visit a showroom and be introduced to the latest collection of semi-jewels and even place orders.

MGold is environmental friendly, operating without harming the environment MGold is certified and licensed in all relevant environmental agencies.

What we do

Using the most modern techniques in noble metals technology, all of our products are 18k gold plated. MGold jewelry receives a treatment that differentiates itself from its competitors due to the amount of gold plating applied on products resulting in quality and durability.

MGold's production line consists of pieces such as, earrings, rings, bracelets, necklaces, pendants, and anklets. All pieces are made with a modern and bold design using special metals and Brazilian stones.

The application of crystals and natural stones in jewelry, developed by MGold, was a result of great success with customers from Brazil and from countries around the world.

We also offer gold plating service to third parties. Please use our contact information to inquire about a quote!


It is our mission to present the quality of our products. We are constantly seeking the satisfaction of women, our main public consumer. MGold is consistently broadening its research on the technology of materials used. Always innovative, we aim to achieve very high standards in every aspect of our production line.

MGold provides warranty on all products when a manufacturing defect is presented with the certificate. Stones and crystals are not covered by the warranty. We guarantee the foliation of the pieces 90 days after the sale date.

Taking small precautions allows you to maintain durability and beauty out of your jewelry!

Special care

  • Cleaning your veneered jewelry can be done with water and delicate soap, preferably liquid;
  • One should avoid contact of the pearls and metals with perfumes, beauty products, and chemicals;
  • In some cases you can see dimming trend in metals (gold and silver) by people with a high rate of uric acid or if you’re taking certain medication;
  • It is recommended that the jewelry is stored individually in tissue paper, cellophane or velvet to prevent friction, oxidation, or exposure to air resulting in rapid browning and loss of glow.

Contact us

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